First Impression
HoH Competition The paired up teams must balance on a platform that shrinks over time. The last team standing wins. One will be named the new HOH, while the other contestant wins Immunity and a $2,000 cash prize! 
HoH Winner Archer Blake
Immunity Competition Physical
Immunity Winner Nestor Navarro
Pre-Veto Nominees Amberly Wilson &
Asher Lopez
PoV Competition Endurance (Speed)
PoV Winner Amberly Wilson
Post-Veto Nominees Pierce Gujic &
Asher Lopez
Evicted Pierce Gujic (10-0)
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"First Impression"




After Jordan's Eviction the remaining houseguest will be randomly partnered up with another player from the house handcuffed. Sloane & Archer, Nestor & Vincent, Priscilla & Ti'Shaun, Asher & Raini, Nelyse & Sawyer, Janelle & Pierce. Although Amberly will not be having a partner since she was the previous HOH.



User Role
x-LostRealm Host
ishy26 Amberly Wilson
Sadico-Nutjob Archer Blake
Saturated-Sunrise Asher Lopez
Hey-Hollywood Janelle Banks
FIuffi Nelyse Anderson
Honey-Zest Nestor Navarro
Hailoez Pierce Gujic
BlueFriday8 Priscilla Cicarelli
AstralDaydream Raini Sweet
Emperor-Lucas Sawyer Montgomery
Transparent-Lady Sloane Adams
JazeEmm Ti'Shaun Fletcher
P1NETHREE Vincent Giordano