Head of Household
Big Brother Competition
Description A chance to gain power to make nominations for the next elimination.
Appearance(s) Big Brother

The Head of Household (abbreviated HOH) is the position of supreme power and control in the Big Brother house. The Head of Household is selected each week during the live show. The winner of Head of Household is free from the threat of eviction. They receive perks, such as getting their own private bedroom, but are also faced with the decision of nominating two houseguests for eviction and putting up a replacement nominee when the veto is used..

HOH CompetitionEdit

Each week, all houseguests, except the outgoing Head of Household, compete in the HOH Competition that involced Drawing and interesting story line behind the picture. The final 3 is the only time that an outgoing HOH can win consecutive HOH competitions.

List of Head of Household CompetitionsEdit

TD SeasonEdit

Season Competition Winner
Big Brother "Flying Tomatoes" Amberly